Extended tutorial on how to complete a 5 paragraph persuasive essay

Crafting a five paragraph essay is a skill that every student should understand by the time they finish high school. Since nearly all standardized tests require students to showcase this skill, instructors begin teaching it in early grades. Learning how to write a five paragraphs essay example should not be difficult for any student who enters college. But, for those who still need help crafting one, here is a tutorial on completes the project quickly and successfully:

One of the first things to do is to find a good example to model. They are all over the Internet and can be found with a quickly search for essay example. It is highly recommended to find one about a different topic that you have so you are not tempted to cheat with the example.

After you have the example, take note of how it looks. Find the introduction and located the different parts like the hook, the bridge, and the thesis statement. Then write your introductory paragraph mimicking the example, but using your own information. You can copy the sentence structures, transitions, and ideas - but keep the words your own. When you craft your thesis statement, be sure it is the answer to a yes-or-no question and includes part of the question in the sentence.

When you move on to the body paragraphs, it is also important to follow the template of the sample paper you chose. Your body paragraphs should each contain a topic phrase that refers back to the thesis statement that you wrote in the introductory paragraph. Other paragraphs should alternate between examples that support the topic sentence and explanations that make those examples easy to understand. You should have a total of five body paragraphs and they should have a minimum of seven sentences. Look closely at the sample paper you have chosen so you can see how to transition between the examples and the explanations.

The last paragraph should be the conclusion. This is the easiest of the paragraphs because it does not need to say anything new. You should include a restated thesis statement and then restated main points from your paper. It is the last opportunity you have to show your thoughts and why they are correct.

Using a sample essay is a good idea when you are unsure how to craft a quality five-paragraph paper.

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