5 amazingly simple tricks to help you write an essay in one night

When professors assign essays, they often give their students several days to complete the project. Despite the fact that instructors often give several days, students usually wait until the last possible minute to get the projects finished. Instructors know this, so they have changed their tune. They now assign papers that are due the very next day. Now, students do not time to hire someone to write for them. They no longer have time to hunt for a sample paper online. They have to write the paper by themselves. In order to get the project done on time, here are five simple tricks to get a 1 page essay completed overnight.

  • One:
  • Choose a topic you know well. If you pick something you know well, you do not have to conduct any research. This will save you significant time. As you select your topic, be sure that it meets the requirements that your instructor has established. And, remember that you are only writing a 1 page essay, so keep the topic highly focuses.

  • Two:
  • Craft an arguable thesis. This is the guiding sentence of your paper, so the thesis should be easy for you to support. The best way to do it is to create a yes-or-no question and pick your side. Then, you simply support the side you take.

  • Three:
  • Write a quick outline. Since you do not have much time to make changes as you go, writing a quick outline will save you time. It will keep you on task and it will help you remember to include all of the requirements.

  • Four:
  • Write the paper, without stopping. After you have the thesis and the quick outline, you should be able to have the paper written in less than one hour - possibly even less than 30 minutes. Stick to the focus you have chosen. While you write, be sure that you follow the rules you learned in your younger years. Those include indenting each new paragraphs, including examples and explaining them, and writing a topic sentence in each paragraph.

  • Five:
  • Read it aloud and edit as you find errors. When you read your papers out loud, you will be able to hear the mistakes that your eyes may have missed. As you read, clean up the errors. Add the words that are missing and take out the ones that you do not need.

Following these simple steps will help you write any paper quickly and correctly.

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