Modern society: top 10 topic ideas to write about in your pop culture essay

Students do not often realize it, but they are in the midst of rapidly changing pop culture. Now that the Interent and social media are to access, the trends of pop culture shift faster than they ever have before. It can be difficult for adults to keep track of what is in and what is out. But, students know. So, when they are taskedc with writing an essay about pop culture, they should be able to create topics rather easily. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Being wrapped up in pop culture makes it difficult for students to step back and look at how that culture affects them and the rest of the world. So, here are 10 pop culture essay topic ideas:

  1. The latest language.
  2. This topic can change on a regular basis. It can look at mashup words and the latest words that are completely made up. It is fascinating to look at how language grows and evolves - just like the people who use it.

  3. The newest fashions.
  4. Fashion is dictated by popular culture. People will buy clothing based on what their favorite celebrities wear. They will also buy based on what is in the stores. It can be interesting to look at what trends become popular and how long they last. It can also be interesting to see what trends from decades past are still mentioned today.

  5. Dance crazes.
  6. The names of dances and moves can change rapidly and yet everyone still seems to know how to do the dances.

  7. Celebrities to watch.
  8. This changes based on where the celebrities happen to be. How does a celebrity move between the groups like A-List, B-List, and C-List?

  9. Pop culture in the classroom.
  10. Teachers tend to know about pop culture because they around young people on a regular basis. What effect do teachers have on spreading or holding back the latest trends?

  11. Generation X and the current trends.
  12. As Generation X moves into middle age, how will the newest generation continue to build trends and change popular culture?

  13. How pop culture loses its cool.
  14. This is an interesting question, because pop culture does become boring after a while.

  15. Sports and pop culture.
  16. Sports are an important part of our culture, but how to athletes alter the way we remember culture?

  17. Who makes pop culture?
  18. How to become a meme?
  19. Memes are a common form of popular culture. Who creates them and how to they go viral?

After deciding what topic to focus on, students will need to look deeply into the culture they are so involved in so they can really see how they are affected. They will need to look at their friends, their social media posts, and what posts are trending. Studying pop culture can be a fascinating look into how and why rumors spread.

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