5 Directions You May Take When Writing an Essay About Gender Roles.

Gender roles have been a contradictive and touchy subject to talk about over the past few years. With so many political opinions, it’s almost impossible to say the words “gender roles” without sparking a heated argument. Now, with so many gender studies classes popping up, you might have to one day write an essay about the subject. Before you do, here are 5 things to consider when writing about gender roles.

  1. They do exist. Whether we like to admit it or not, gender roles do exist. Society has and always will have expectations about each gender, and there isn’t much that we can do to change that. It’s almost very important to note that where you live also determines your society’s gender roles. Western societies have a more relaxed set of gender roles than those who live in, say, the Middle East.
  2. They change, often. It wasn’t but a few of decades ago that magazines posted up healthy looking women as models. Women weren’t allowed to work, and many couples that had a child out of wedlock were looked down upon. Though some of these are still an issue today, Western societies have relaxed their views on certain gender roles, especially those that have to do with women. Gender roles are still changing every day, and they will never stop changing.
  3. Both sexes have them. When most people think about gender roles, they mostly think about the negative aspects that have to do with women. Such as them being home- makers, cooking and cleaning the house, having children, and submitting to the husbands. Nobody really thinks about the male side of gender roles. Males are expected to be strong and emotionless, to work hard and provide for their women. Each sex has a set of gender roles that society expects to uphold.
  4. You’re going to offend somebody, might as well say your opinion. In this day and age, there is absolutely no way you can talk about gender roles without offending somebody, much less write an essay about your opinion of them. The truth is, whether you don’t believe they exist, or you are fighting passionately against them, or even if you’re completely neutral to the subject; you are going to offend somebody. The most important thing you can do is state your opinion, and give reasonable explanation as to why that is your opinion.
  5. They are interchangeable. There are stay at home dads. There are CEO businesswomen. Gender roles are never stuck in stone; there will always be a few exceptions to the rule. Everybody is different, and so is every society.

Gender roles will always be a touchy subject to talk about. When having to write an essay, it is always important to remember these five things before starting your topic. Always remember to do your research on the topics, so that you can have an educated opinion on the subject.

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