10 overused ideas to stay away from when writing your the great Gatsby essay

Over the years, thousands of books have been published. One of the most read books is ‘The Great Gatsby.’ Written tens of decades ago, the novel is almost clicking a century and yet it remains one of the most interesting books students are encourage to read in many learning institutions around the world. Published in 1925, the novel takes one a journey into a life that existed in a fictional town named West Egg. The writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald, takes readers through one, Jay Gatsby, his love life but most importantly, explains through a host of characters, issues of moral decadence, debauchery, resistance to change, social uprisings, idealism and more. The very fact that the reader was inspired by his social life, makes it more opined on the life of many a young generation. Also, being precautionary on the American dream makes the novel a huge interest to.

Quite a lot has been written on regarding the novel ‘The Great Gatsby,’ and so it is admissible that a lot of writing approaches and ideas have been overused which no longer make sense in what one would call a scholarly masterpiece. Such are the clichés students need to avoid at all costs and so, in this post, we take you through some of them. For additional info, read beyond.

  • Many students tend to overly on external sources. Well, this is something you need to avoid at all costs by using relying on your own ideas as the centerpiece and external sources for referencing only.
  • Avoid relying on a particular source as the main source of your information. Many students tend to overly rely on the novel itself
  • Avoid paraphrasing of sources if it may distort the intended message
  • Avoid using a lot of quotes as this would only rid the paper off its creative nature
  • Do not base your writing on criticizing other sources. In fact, learn to be your critic.
  • Avoid a recount of the novel’s plot. This is a mistake many students make.
  • Thematic clichés has denied many a chance of getting good grades. Expand your thinking beyond discussing themes in the novel
  • Do not emphasize on analyze the book but pay attention to its universality and how relevant it is to modern contemporary life

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